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Regrettably, I must cancel the July 2nd CHP class. Deposits will be refunded tomorrow, 06/09/2016.

INTERESTING NEWS: Dec. 3, 2015 - (democrat) Ulster County NY Sheriff urging all who are "licensed to carry a handgun" to do so! Check it out!

In light of recent jihadi attacks here in the US, France and Belgium, I believe we should all heed Sheriff Van Blarcum's advice! OF course, in VA you don't need to be licensed to carry a handgun openly, but it is incumbent on everyone who does carry a firearm to know how to do it legally. To that end, you should take a handgun safety class that also covers the basics of VA Firearms law, such as the CHP classes I offer below.

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At, we provide Firearm instruction (certificate qualifies as "proof of training" for VA CHP applicants) for organizations, or groups of individuals, as needed.

Scheduled Classes:

Handgun Safety & Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) Classes
in and around Radford
by Dave Knight

HANDS-ON gun safety & marksmanship exercises: Unlike many CHP classes in this area, we provide hands-on gun safety and basic marksmanship exercises. Don't be short-changed by classes that don't provide hands-on training! These exercises are especially important for folks who have never shot a handgun, or have only shot rifles and/or shotguns!

INTRO to VA legal carry: This CHP Class, taught by an NRA-certified Firearms Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer, and former Reserve Deputy Sheriff, includes an introduction to current Virginia gun law. Carrying a firearm without knowing how to do it legally is the height of foolishness!

VA CHP "Proof of Training" Certificate: The certificate awarded after passing the written test fulfils the VA statutory requirement for "proof of training" for Concealed Handgun Permit applicants.

COST & DURATION: Cost: $50 per student (some discounts may be granted to church groups, civic organizations and other groups)

Duration: approximately 3 to 4 hours, depending on class size and student experience level.

To schedule a class for 3 or more persons, please contact me at:

David Knight, P.O. Box 394, Radford, VA 24143
540-639-2361 or 540-250-4555

Please be sure to include your contact info (name, address, phone, email, organization, etc), the desired date, and the approximate number of students expected.

Please email me at, or Call 540-639-2361 to schedule a class.

Cancellations & Refunds: funds deposited for classroom & seat reservations are not refundable unless a written cancellation (emailed to or hard-copy mailed by USPS to the address above, with delivery tracking) is received at least seven (7) calendar days before the class date. If a class is cancelled, all deposited funds for that class will be refunded within 7 days of the cancellation.

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Please also check out the new list of upcoming SWVA VCDL Events!

Useful Videos: Intro to Reloading, outline (PDF) and videos, as presented at the August 25th VCDL Supper Meeting

NSSF videos: McGruff/K-6, It's Your Call/6-9, Firearm Safety Depends on You/general, Intro to Range Safety & Ettiquette/general, plus lots of other info

Useful Forms:

Fireams Qualification Form for Doctors

Other Documents:

Atty General opinion re: "Good and sufficient reason" (for church carry) in 18.2-283

Atty General opinion re: "State-certified [firearms] instructor"

Atty General opinion re: "Gun bans by private organizations on leased Public Lands"

Just for fun:

Our illustrious Vice President may have given new meaning to the popular dessert "Death By Chocolate" ... "Just Desserts", perhaps?

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